Maybe this will explain some things.

Please excuse how my mind works sometimes.

It started as a simple list.  Between working out and editing music I noticed that I had been watching more movies than usual. It was mid February and I wondered if it would be possible to watch 365 by the end of the year. Starting behind, it meant more than one a day for some time. When I realized it could be done(the same way scientists feel smashing atoms and curing disease “can be done” I imagine), I bumped it up to 400. It was a rounder number with a Truffaut feel to it. When I hit 400, there was a lot of year left so I figured what the hell 500 is just as round a number. Yesterday, I watched that 500th movie. Look out, cancer.

What started as a list then became reviews and a blog. I began jotting down my initial thoughts and gut reactions to the movies I was seeing. They were just musings and nothing too in depth but the more I watched the more I wrote. Not for everything mind you, but the thing I like talking about the most in life is film and now I was writing about it so it just came out. I am no journalist but I think I make the point. And if I don’t make the point, please see previous statement. I also added a review “system” based on nothing but my own opinion. It’s a scale of 1-10 for Cinephiles(C) and Average viewers(A). I’ve watched enough movies in my life to know that not everybody wants to watch what I like. It is super unscientific.

The reviews turned into statistics and multi-media. My brother is a superior film nerd to myself but he is also, thankfully, a sports nerd and will be compiling the data of the year. We will present it to you later in 2018 in some sort of fancy method. Of all the things related to the project, this has the highest chance of not working out the way I planned it. Just a heads up.

If all this wasn’t enough, the project allowed me to engage in something I’ve wanted to do for a long time which is designing movie posters. For years, I have been following a path of stencil based art even in the digital realm where I utilized similar layering techniques. Though it has provided a lot of great experiences for me, it was never based by my own hand. I was a laborer transmitting images from one medium to another with little artistic interpretation between. I feel that with this project I have remedied that and married my 5 year old artist self with my 37 year old artist self. It is a weird marriage, but we’re making it work. Counseling, mostly.

With the hindsight of all 500 movies I get to pick my favorites and turn them into posters that I draw by hand. This will be converted into the digital world and available as inexpensive prints. I have no idea how that process will operate but it’s the work that matters everything else is just details. Maybe you can explain it to me.

That brings me to my final thoughts. For the next year, I will present a handful of movies every week that I watched with reviews and in the order that I watched them. It is a simple system and a quick read but it is also evolving. I wrote these reviews a year ago and adapt them to today with fresh insight and sometimes changing opinions. If you find there’s something more you want from the site let me know! This is all theoretical and nothing is static. If it wasn’t for you these words and actions would just be falling into a void and wouldn’t that be a horrible thing…

Thank you for your time. I enjoyed almost every bit of this and hope that you will too. As with all my other endeavors I don’t know what this is but I think it’s something.




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