Golden Globes 2018

3 billboardsI take zero stock in awards season other than the effect it has on which movies will stay (or come) to theaters. Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri taking home a Best Picture Golden Globe was a surprise not because I’ve seen all the competitors, but because it didn’t even make top 20 of the films I did see. Unlike the Oscars, whose winners seem can seem political or opportune, the Globes are a mish mash of television and movies nominees with little discerning bent. Last night was an exception with the phrase #timesup being oft repeated in reference to the #metoo movement in support of an end to sexual harassment. I don’t think this had much bearing on Three Billboards win. To enough members of the HFPA, it must have been a crafty winner in a diverse field of movies about monsters, war, romance and journalism. It will be interesting to see if #timesup has any effect on Hollywood in the future (as it’s supposed to) and the near complete dominance of its awards show wins by white men. If they actually wanted a different looking field of contenders, Greta Gerwig’s Lady Bird or Patty Jenkin’s Wonder Woman would have been suitable replacements for Three Billboards (or Dunkirk or Call Me by Your Name)  but I appreciate the apparent neutrality and God Bless Frances McDormand.

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