Week 5

JackieJackie- Amazing score with moments of true terror and beauty. This is more like a horror flick than biopic. That was my initial reaction when I first saw it and now that has really only solidified with the passage of time. We are watching the simultaneous buildup and aftermath of a national tragedy and personal horror. Natalie Portman plays the the titular character less as America’s Suffering Mother and more like a women with an edge having survived something awful. Think Ellen Ripley in AliensC8 A5






xxXX- This is not good. Not good-bad just not good. Given the pedigree of the directors it should have been much better so it could have just been a funding issue. Second Melanie Lynskey appearance though which is never bad. Her segment is the most interesting but like the others is underdeveloped. One Good Thing: The interstitial between segments was the best aspect of the movie and looks like an old Tool video. Watch Instead: VHS, ABC’s of Death  C4 A5





MoanaMoana- “You’re Welcome” is on repeat in my head most days. This is standard Disney fair taking its title from the 1926 film of the same name about Samoan people. The addition of Lin Manual Miranda along with native musicians gives the standard Disney songs a much needed kick. Also, you know what you’re getting with the welcome addition of The Rock. C5 A6







The monsterThe Monster- Solid monster flick. I’m fickle now with so many choices available. I would’ve loved this when I was younger but there’s not a lot happening. The setting and family dynamic are unique but it’s a medium creature feature and not much more.  C5 A6







Doctor StrangeDoctor Strange- Inception rip-offs and whitewashing aside it’s a uniquely mystical entry in the Marvel Universe. It is also a poor use of Mads Mikkelsen who is infinitely more engaging than Cumberbatch but couldn’t really nail the villain spot down. Personally, I find Mikkelsen too engaging to be a one-dimension villain so he’s better as an anti-hero. With a little time to think on it, this movie/comic is pretty annoying when you consider this rich cocky Caucasian strolls in, gets mildly humbled, then gets what he wants the rest of the movie and is the best at everything. C5 A7




OJ Simpson Made in America- I could watch a Truman Show-esque portrayal of Simpson’s life it is so fascinating and terrible. 8 hours just flies by. I think the beauty in it’s delivery is that Simpson has lived so many lives and depending on your age you may be familiar with one or all of them. This exhaustive documentation has enough hindsight and insight to fill in those gaps even more. This Ken Burns-sized documentation of single man who encapsulates so much of what it means to exist in America.  C9 A9






HitchcockTruffaut_posterHitchcock Truffaut- Legendary auteurs and fanboys alike apparently. Insightful look at two masters interaction with each other and their work with plentiful interviews on those they’ve influenced. C8 A6








Christine 92017)Christine- Rebecca Hall proves she can be memorable in a movie she just has to kill herself to do it. Seriously, try to remember a movie she was in. Or ask yourself if you could remember her name before I wrote it. As the depressive and possible psychotic Christine Chubbuck, Hall is incredible but this is a joyless and bleak Anchorman. One Good Thing: Costume design. Watch Instead: Anchorman. C5 A4









The girl with allThe Girl with All the Gifts- Every zombie movie that doesn’t end with zombies being the dominant lifeforms is silly. It’s why this movie gets it right and I Am Legend (the movie not the book) fucked it up. Zombies are like dessert to me. If it’s a new flavor I’ve always got a little room left. The middle road movie suffers with no clear determination on where to go but the beginning and very end are strong. C6 A6







lovingLoving- A great thriller/sci-fi writer/director tries his hand at history and marriage and it’s a mixed bag. It is competently filmed and acted just not as compelling as it wants to be. Ruth Negga and I-can-never-remember-his-name are both excellent as the titular Lovings and their eventual Supreme Court battle to stay married in the segregated south is finally given a little more daylight. Edgerton. His name is Joel Edgerton and I have always like him it’s just the name escapes me. C7 A5

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