Week 15



Krisha- Utterly distinctive, tense, discordantly scored and well shot. Must see for film buffs but passive viewers may want to avoid the long, meandering and tense conversations. It is most likely the worst family holiday I’ve ever seen put on film. I am including National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation and The Doors.

C7 A5

Free Fire

Freefire- As a concept, a feature-length gun fight sounds like a good idea but as John Wick 2 showed us, it’s not. Similar to overly long car chases or sex scenes I just don’t think they’re that necessary. It goes on and on, etc. Ben Wheatley is a challenging film maker and it’s never a loss in my book to see his work but this didn’t do it for me.

One good thing: Every cast member is great so that helps. Sharlto Copley and Armee Hammer stand out.

Watch Instead: Desperado Bar Scene (lasts about 3-5 minutes).

C5 A6


Willow Creek

Willow Creek- I am a sucker for found footage and this tested my limits. It’s more of a travelogue than scary movie. When something finally happens it’s good and strange but not a payoff by any means.

One Good Thing: VERY long one shot take that goes from unimportant to silly to impressive.

Watch instead: Blair Witch Project(1999)

C4 A4


Triple 9

Triple 9- This movie has everything going for it cast/story-wise and never really coalesces into that AAA level movie that it wants to be. The story has a lot of disparate elements. At its core, it’s a cop drama but it’s bogged down by Russian mafia and Israeli child-custody issues. Plus, it’s pretty bleak at the end which makes the weariness of the rest of it unfair. Personally, I prefer either happy until it’s bleak or bleak and then it’s happy. Too much of either is a drag.

One Good Thing: Harrelson has nailed world weary/wise alcoholic (fill in occupation).

Watch Instead: Training Day.

C6 A6


Blood on the mountain

Blood on the Mountain- This is a tight and informative documentary on the history  and present day state of coal mining in America which I highly recommend if you are as unfamiliar with the subject as I was. It talks about many sides of the argument and puts a real face to politician’s talking points.

C8 A8


beauty and the beast

Beauty and the Beast (2017)– Not much to report here if you’ve seen the original. I never really grasped the era that things were happening in or where the story started but whatever. The character LeFou supposedly has a gay “moment” but it amounts to little. Should we give them props for finally entering the 21st century? This got the movie banned in an Alabama theater and Russia and Kuwait. You keep good company, Alabama.

C6 A6

A cure for wellness

A Cure for Wellness- Road to Wellville meets…something. This is a damn good looking movie and Dehann is great to watch as always. While the mountain top sanitarium where most of the action occurs is well fleshed out, the world outside seems extremely vague making the relationship between the two appear less real. There is a deus ex machina at play very early on that leads us down a path of convoluted storylines and incredible imagery.

C7 A5


Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek– Her imaginary friend that’s killing everyone is her dad’s split personality. There, I watched it for you.

One Good Thing: Elizabeth Shue!

Watch Instead: The Babadook, The Shining

C3 A5


Studs TerkelS

Studs Terkel: Listening to America- Informative but unmoving documentary on a lively writer. Simple premise about an author whose legacy is cemented by his relationship to the common or working man.

C7 A6

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